The fire-resistant compacted semi-dry mass NIKRAM/NIKRAM® is a ready-to-use homogeneous semi-dry plastic mixture of fire-resistant fillers, plasticizers and chemical phosphate compound. It does not contain asbestos, harmful radiation or carcinogenic additives. It is packed in 25 kg polyethylene bags on pallets of 1 T, wrapped in common polyethylene film. Best results are achieved when using the material within two months of the date of manufacture. Before use, an organoleptic evaluation of the plasticity of the material is carried out. In case of partial drying due to improper storage, the mass is moistened carefully with an aqueous solution (1:1 vol.) of 85% orthophosphoric acid. Packages with semi-dry compaction NIKRAM/NIKRAM® must be transported and stored in a dry and ventilated place, protected from production dust and direct sunlight. It is used for the repair of spill and intermediate buckets, vaults and covers in steel production, muffles of burners, water heating and energy boilers in thermal power plants and other thermal engineering units and equipment.


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