REFRAM refractory mortars are a homogeneous mixture of finely ground refractory fillers, hydraulic and ceramic joints, plasticizers and improvers. It is mainly used in the construction of fire-resistant and insulating masonry to connect the individual products and create monolithic linings. The cost rate for the construction of refractory linings depends on the configuration of the bricks/products and the type of facility being built. The consumption of 80 ÷ 100 kg of REFRAM mortar for each ton of refractory bricks is considered as an average norm. To achieve the appropriate density of the solution when working with REFRAM mortar, it is recommended to add 100 kg of dry material to up to 10 ÷ 15 l of water. Fireclay mortars are packed in 25 kg bags or flexible “big-bag” type containers.


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