Overhaul of Boiler No. 9 in Lead production of KCM AD, city of Plovdiv.

On February 12, 2019, the first project of Refran EOOD in KCM AD, city of Plovdiv, was completed. It is the Complete construction (Overhaul) of the refractory lining of a heat unit – Boiler No. 9 for the refining of liquid lead in the Refining Department of the Lead Production of KCM AD, the city of Plovdiv. The activities began with the demolition of the refractory masonry under repair and the surveying of the actual situation, which began on January 10. After a short stay to carry out mechanical repairs on the unit, the construction of the thermal insulation, reserve and working refractory layers of the unit continued. The use of Refran’s Unicast NR refractory concrete made it possible to build the complex configurations of the burner muffles, evacuation and emergency hatches and openings, covers, etc. The repair activities took place with excellent quality, strict compliance with the requirements for safety and health at work, good site hygiene and recycling of part of the waste generated during the repair.


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