They represent a series of ready-to-use precisely dosed and perfectly homogenized dry concrete mixtures, produced on the basis of corundum, corundum zirconium, bauxite, fireclay and magnesium fillers and hydraulic, air or chemical binder. They are applied by vibration casting, plastering or shotcrete as a working refractory layer in furnace and drying units, the installations for out-of-furnace processing, receiving buckets, intermediate buckets vaults and chutes of furnaces, water boilers, chimneys, muffles of burners, hatches and when casting specific formats of cast refractories. Resistant to high temperatures (1300 – 1750 o C), erosive and abrasive effects of slag-metal melts and granular – powdery particles, chemically aggressive environment, flue gases, heat exchangers and other physical-mechanical and chemical effects. UNICAST/UNICAST® refractory concretes are packed in polyethylene bags of 25 kg and are stored for up to three months in closed, ventilated rooms at normal humidity, protected from moisture, oils and industrial dusts. The type of Refractory concrete UNICAST/UNICAST® is determined for each individual customer, according to their specific application and requirements for the material. Table of types of UNICAST® Refractory Concrete with links to each type (model).


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