The asbestos-free Izola RS insulation coating is used to protect heat-stressed objects pre-insulated with wadding or other insulating material from the weather, as well as when coating surfaces with an oval or irregular surface and hard-to-reach areas. The powdery mass is mixed with water in a ratio of 3-4 parts by weight of dry substance to 1 part by weight of water / approximately 1 bag of coating per 7-8 liters of water/. The homogenized mass is allowed to stand for 5 – 6 min to completely dissolve the additives, after which, if necessary, a small amount of water is added to improve the rheological properties during work and operation/Caution: overdosing of water leads to a deterioration of the physical-mechanical properties, appearance of cracks, etc./. No cement, inert or other additives are added to the plaster, as this leads to deterioration of the quality. The material is not used for performing insulation in rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures.


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